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This tool allows you, the administrator, to add any group, user, and server to any databases in you organization (in one agent).
Audience:System Administrator
Platform:Windows NT/95/98
Date Posted:12/01/2001
File Name:acl.zip
File Size:109,960 bytes

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Detailed Description:
This tool uses a DLL as the modifier of the database's ACL. The DLL is attached to a document in the tool's database. There is an agent that detaches that DLL to the server's directory and run another agent which modify the ACL. That DLL's function will add the entry to the target database's ACL even if you, the agent signer, are not allowed access to that target database. If the entry already exists then it is deleted and recreated with the new settings.

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AdminACL (Submitted by Tamir Ben-Shoshan - 01.12.2001)
rating: 3 stars Great idea, a couple of problems. (Submitted by David Boon - 15.07.2002)
rating: 4 stars Very usefull app for us administrators (Submitted by Bob Oosterbaan - 04.12.2001)
comment One more remark ! (Submitted by Tamir Ben-Shoshan - 01.12.2001)
comment Instructions (Submitted by Tamir Ben-Shoshan - 04.12.2001)
rating: 3 stars Worked geat until it hit a database without a ACL defined - then the server crashed. (Submitted by Anders Gneib - 06.12.2001)
comment Error(IsDLLExist): Operation is not allowed in this session (Submitted by Jeff Li - 14.02.2003)
rating: 5 stars The DLL is brilliant - It does exactly what I was looking for... (Submitted by Christophe Escat - 08.05.2002)
comment Re:Error(IsDLLExist)... (Submitted by Tamir Ben-Shoshan - 11.03.2003)

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