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LotusScript DatabaseDesign Class

Sandbox sample submitted by Lotus/IBM.

This database contains the LotusScript library for retrieving the design elements for a database.
Audience:Application Developer
Platform:Platform Independent
Date Posted:08/25/1999
File Name:lsdbdesign.nsf
File Size:458,752 bytes

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Detailed Description:
Inside of a Domino Database exists data documents, and design documents. The design documents are the forms, views, agents, etc that make up a databases design. The standard Notes classes allow easy access to the data documents, but do not provide any easy methods for accessing the design.

The purpose of the DatabaseDesign class is to allow you easy access the design documents in a DominoDatabase in LotusScript. It returns the design documents, and which point they can be examined, modified, copied to other databases or deleted. The documents are returned as standard NotesDocument objects, so once retrieved you can perform any operation on them that is allowed in a regular NotesDocument.

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LotusScript DatabaseDesign Class (Submitted by Lotus/IBM - 25.08.1999)
comment Received Error: Invalid NSF Version (Submitted by Walter E. Churchill - 25.10.1999)
comment Read the profile (Submitted Anonymously - 10.11.1999)
rating: 5 stars This is so cool! (Submitted by jeff js bassett - 02.05.2000)
rating: 5 stars Brilliant! (Submitted by Sabina Gazic - 09.08.2000)
rating: 5 stars Just what I have been looking for - Thanks Iris <eom> (Submitted by Jay Paramanathan - 02.04.2001)
rating: 4 stars Very nice tool to do some very cool things, but ... (Submitted by Kent Pilkington - 16.04.2001)
rating: 4 stars Very Nice, but... (Submitted by Ted Knight - 19.09.2001)
rating: 4 stars Very cool tool. But this is an error when using composing a database design document. (Submitted by Stu R Siegel - 13.08.2002)
rating: 5 stars How can I sign the documents and then save them? (Submitted by Martin Rourke - 22.10.2002)
rating: 5 stars Excellent. Why is this functionality not part of Lotus Domino Objects. (Submitted by Chris Rose - 21.11.2002)
rating: 5 stars Port to Java (Submitted by Johan Känngård - 12.11.2002)
comment ND6 Amendments (Submitted by Rolf Walter - 18.02.2003)
rating: 5 stars fantastic! (Submitted by Nick Ranger - 21.12.2005)
rating: 5 stars Helpful information (Submitted by Kai M Leong - 21.06.2006)
rating: 5 stars Put more of the useful codes there.. (Submitted by Cheong Chue - 30.11.2006)
rating: 5 stars !!!! (Submitted by ann y grig - 07.12.2006)
comment Beware! Code Flaw (Submitted by Ryan-D Hill - 21.04.2007)

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