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Admin Helper

Sandbox sample submitted by LDD User.

Find Orphan mail files, check the Out of Office agent owner and the Calendar Profile owner of mail file for existing users.
Audience:System Administrator
Platform:Windows NT/95/98
Date Posted:09/22/1999
File Name:admin.zip
File Size:26,879 bytes

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Detailed Description:
There are three parts to this database:

1. Check the Out Of Office Agent: Here you can determine which agents are not signed by the databases' owner

2. Check the Calendar Profile: Similarly, find out which mail files have a Calendar Profile owner which is not the database owner

3. Find Orphan Mail files: Use this code to determine which mail file in the mail directory belong to users who no longer work in the company or have moved to another area of your company

All three might require some modifications to work properly in your environment

All Sandbox downloads are licensed as-is, unsupported, and non-warranted.

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Admin Helper (Submitted by Alex Lopez - 22.09.1999)
rating: 5 stars Very Useful Admin Tool (Submitted by Terrence Trusdell - 21.09.2000)
comment Is there a way to bypass the 64K limit in the field? (Submitted by Lissette Arenas - 24.08.2001)
rating: 3 stars good tool for out of office problems (Submitted by Steven Bender - 26.08.2004)
comment very good but only works for a single server (Submitted by Anna Delaney - 20.07.2005)
rating: 3 stars ok (Submitted by Nico Vis - 01.12.2004)
rating: 5 stars Excellent applications (Submitted by Felice Gioino - 26.07.2006)
comment Looking for wrong servers (Submitted by Craig R Seabrooks - 07.04.2005)

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