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Submitted by Ryan-D Hill on 04/21/2007.
All, I recently began to use this code to locate a particular form element in user mailfiles and encountered a painful consequence.
The "Sub New" code to instantiate the custom class uses the first view in the database [ db.views(0)] and then make a copy of that view. For some of my users, the first view returned was the INBOX, and when the code copies that view... the "default view when the database opens" property is assigned the new copy of the view/folder. (this new copy of the view is ultimately removed once the class object is destoyed).

The net result was the loss of the "defualt view" properties.. and all newly received email did not appear in the INBOX (only the All Documents View).

If you need to use this code, please be sure to test that the TempView it uses is NOT defined as the default view/folder.. this code would ultimately remove that setting by virtue of making the copy.

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