User Review of Admin Helper
Submitted by Anna Delaney on 07/20/2005.
The tool is great if you have just one server, however if you have multiple servers it's possible that a mail file existing on a server has no person document on that same server, but possibly has a person document on another server. In other words it's possible that a a file existing on a server,is a valid mail file with a person document (for example a replica) and this tool highlights the file as an Orphan mail file, because it's home server is not the one that has been selected in the ServerToSearch field. Is it possible to have the action look at all documents in the "Server\Mail Users" view rather than just looking through the doc collection that is in the ServerToSearch Category of the view? That way it would be possible to select a single server and run the tool and it would return a mail file if it has no person document in the NAB regardsless of what the home server is.

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