Action button to initiate replication on server

Sandbox sample submitted by LDD User.

This Action code uses defined Connection documents to start immediate replication through remote console on source server
Audience:Application Developer
Platform:Windows NT/95/98

Detailed Description:
If you already have Connection documents for hub server to spoke servers is the only question how to initiate the replication on a button click.

Simply said: mark those Connection documents with the selection mark and click on a view action to start immediate replication.

The download contains the code for this Action in the Connection view of names.nsf.

Open your NAB in Designer, go to Server\Connections view, and add a new action.
Give it a name, like:
Set it to be a LotusScript action. Replace the:
Sub Click(Source As Button)
End Sub

with the upper code (best with cut'n paste). Give it a Notes graphics button, and save it.

When selecting some of the connection documents and pressing on this action button, then you will be asked to confirm. If you confirm with "Yes", then immediately replication is initiated on server. You can observe this on a live
console. Answer "No" skips the actual connection document. Answer "Cancel" aborts the complete processing.

Have fun with this.

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