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Alex & Dilbert Cartoon Retrieval Agent

Sandbox sample submitted by LDD User.

Database to retrieve and email Dilbert and Alex Cartoons
Audience:Application Developer
Platform:Windows NT/95/98
Date Posted:02/01/2001
File Name:AlexAndDilbertV2.nsf
File Size:524,288 bytes

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Detailed Description:
This database contains two agents that will fetch cartoons from the internet and email them to the distribution group that you specify.

The first agent, "Alex Agent" is used to retrieve the Alex cartoon from the UK Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The second agent "Dilbert Agent" is used to retrieve the Dilbert cartoon from www.dilbert.com

Both agents will fetch all of their respective cartoons from the date the agent was last run up until the current day's cartoon. This functionality was put it in there so that when I clicked the button on a Monday to send the cartoon, it
would send Saturday's and Sunday's as well. Obviously, if you run the macro as a daily background agent, this won't be necessary.

The cartoons are sent as attached files. This is because I work somewhere with a mixed mail environment, and embedded images wouldn't get very far. If more than one cartoon for each type is to be sent, then the emails will have multiple attachments.

More details on how to set-up and run the agents are on the "Help..Using" page.

If you like the app, send me an email at minarcus@my-deja.com

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Alex & Dilbert Cartoon Retrieval Agent (Submitted by LDD User - 01.02.2001)
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comment I'll let you know once I look at it. (Submitted by Brett Patterson - 04.05.2006)

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