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Agentless thread map database sample

Sandbox sample submitted by Lotus/IBM.

Demonstrates a technique for generating thread maps in an application without the use of a background agent.
Audience:Application Developer
Platform:Platform Independent
Date Posted:04/09/1999
File Name:Thread.EXE
File Size:64,973 bytes

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Detailed Description:
A thread map is a view-like representation on a page, showing the parent-child relationships between pages, and providing links that a reader can follow in order to traverse all the pages in the thread without having to return to an index page. In past versions of the Domino Discussion sample posted on this site, and in the Discussion - Notes & Web template in Domino 4.6, a background agent has been used to create the thread map. In this version, the map is created on-the-fly. The Domino team is evaluating the trade-offs between these methods.

This sample has been stripped of most of the usual features of Discussion databases in order to allow you to concentrate on studying only the programming techniques related to constructing the thread map. This sample runs only on Domino 4.6, but the code directly related to creation of the thread map itself is dependent on 4.6 features, and can be easily ported back to release 4.5x.

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Agentless thread map database sample (Submitted by Lotus/IBM - 04.08.1999)
rating: 3 stars test (Submitted Anonymously - 18.10.2000)

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