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Add System DBs

Sandbox sample submitted by LDD User.

Adds MAIL.BOX, SMTP.BOX, LOG.NSF, etc. from every available server to your workspace.
Audience:System Administrator
Release:All Releases
Platform:Windows NT/95/98
Date Posted:08/28/2000
File Name:addsysdb.nsf
File Size:212,992 bytes

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Detailed Description:
This database adds the MAIL.BOX, the LOG.NSF, the SMTP.BOX, the SMTPIBWQ.NSF and the SMTPOBWQ.NSF from every available server to your desktop.

Go into Create --> Add DB and fill in the name of the server that the Public Address Book resides on and the filename (usually, names.nsf) of the Public Address Book.

All errors are logged in the document.

If you have multiple domains. Create a NEW 'Add DB' form for EACH new domain (with the servername/Public Address Book filename from each domain.)

There is an irritating dialog box that pops up from time-to-time with some of the errors. If you have a lot of servers, simply wedge the 'Enter' key down with a pen-cover (or similar object) and go get yourself a coffee. When the
script is done running the hour-glass goes away and turns back into an I-beam cursor.

Feel free to use/misuse/change this app in any way so long as you don't try to make money off of it.


Nikhil Prabhakar

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Add System DBs (Submitted by Nikhil Prabhakar - 29.08.2000)
rating: 5 stars wonderful (Submitted by Derya Gur - 30.04.2002)
comment code modifications (Submitted by Nikhil Prabhakar - 31.08.2000)
rating: 1 star Installation (Submitted by Andrew Wilkie - 23.07.2004)
rating: 5 stars Awsome (Submitted by Dennis P Gardin - 19.03.2007)
rating: 5 stars thank you (Submitted by Dennis Gardin - 30.10.2007)

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