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A simple method to use File Upload Controls on the Web.

Sandbox sample submitted by LDD User.

For identifying/using file upload controls on the Web.
Audience:Application Developer
Date Posted:06/26/2000
File Name:FileUpload.doc
File Size:22,528 bytes

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Detailed Description:
This document lists a simple technique using which multiple file upload controls created on a form could be identified/distinguished for scripting purposes on the web, because the name given to these controls by domino cannot be used.

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A simple method to use File Upload Controls on the Web. (Submitted by Rahul AV - 26.06.2000)
rating: 5 stars Download Test (Submitted by Chris Chou - 25.03.2001)
rating: 3 stars It's a pitty there are left some errors in the code (Submitted by Luc Pannekoeke - 04.05.2001)
rating: 2 stars let me try (Submitted by rahul sharan - 02.06.2001)
rating: 5 stars who (Submitted by lwang lwang - 28.06.2001)
comment In process of testing (Submitted by Felicia Penton - 20.11.2001)
rating: 1 star HTML IDs much more easier ;-))) (Submitted by Adam Egressy - 29.04.2002)
rating: 3 stars it's good (Submitted by xuchu_ xuchu_263 - 21.03.2002)
rating: 1 star (Submitted by Marcelo M Monteiro - 30.08.2004)
rating: 2 stars i want to preview (Submitted by faiz c ali - 12.05.2002)
rating: 3 stars Why not just do this ........ (Submitted by Jake Howlett - 03.07.2000)
rating: 5 stars gfds (Submitted by jianfeng wong - 18.05.2008)
rating: 5 stars est test test (Submitted by jianfeng wong - 18.05.2008)
rating: 5 stars test (Submitted by Tracey Toombs - 22.10.2002)

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