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API Goodies for Lotus Notes

Sandbox sample submitted by Doug Finner.

Control various Win API settings from inside Notes.
Category:API Toolkit
Audience:Application Developer
Release:All Releases
Platform:Windows NT/95/98
Date Posted:09/01/2000
File Name:apigoods.zip
File Size:34,102 bytes

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Detailed Description:
API Goodies database is here (apigoods.nsf - 320Kb) by Jordan Price

What's in the database?
- Printer Orientation control for Windows 95 and Windows 98
- Printer Paper Size control for Windows 95 and Windows 98
- Printer Bin Selection for Windows95 and Windows98 New!
- File Save and Open dialog boxes for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT4.0

Thanks to Antony Chan for the update to the printer code (new properties for devmode), which fixes an intermittent Notes Client Crash.

Please note that the printer code DOES NOT yet work in Windows NT 4.0.

You can send me an e-mail at notessolutions@hotmail.com.

Note: This application posted by Doug Finner with permission from Jordan Price. All suggestions, comments, and kudos should be directed to Jordan at the address listed above. The most current version of this application may be found at:

All Sandbox downloads are licensed as-is, unsupported, and non-warranted.

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API Goodies for Lotus Notes (Submitted by Doug Finner - 01.09.2000)
comment Why this doesn't work with NT/2000 (Submitted by Doug Finner - 20.02.2002)
rating: 1 star df (Submitted by Michael A Begunov - 24.03.2008)
comment test (Submitted by Scarlett OHara - 20.06.2001)

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