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Admin-Dev Tools 2.0

Sandbox sample submitted by LDD User.

Tools for day to day admin tasks. Updated from the original version.
Audience:System Administrator
Platform:Windows NT/95/98
Date Posted:02/22/2000
File Name:apptrack.zip
File Size:361,489 bytes

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Detailed Description:
This database allows you to monitor user quotas, Client versions, New application development tracking, and a few of the most common administration tasks. It is a highly modified combination of the PC Census, Application Tracking and the Admin tools that are found on this site. The agents will create new documents for all database and template files specified in the profile. It takes about 20 minutes for all the agents to run so I set it up to run nightly. It also accommodates for read only access for people (IT managers) who just want to monitor what is in the database. In order for you to access all the features you must be a member of the ADMIN role. It also retrieves the ACL information onto the Application Profile. It doesn't have any Author or Reader fields in the Application Profile form.

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Admin-Dev Tools 2.0 (Submitted by Robert A Carroll - 22.02.2000)
comment Has this been tested on R5? (Submitted by Mark Fielder - 24.05.2000)
comment I think the db is a great tool. I will definitely use it. However, I need assistance with the "Release" concept (Submitted by Wendy Bloomquist - 11.01.2002)
rating: 3 stars Cannot change the ACL of this database. Can the default be changed to Manager. (Submitted by Shri Kashibhatta - 10.08.2001)
rating: 4 stars Getting Client Version Release Numbers (Submitted by Mike W Wood - 21.09.2004)
rating: 4 stars Looks like a great tool so far but one issue with release version (Submitted by Mike W Wood - 12.11.2004)
rating: 3 stars i don't know (Submitted by Emmanuel EB BARGIBANT - 27.10.2005)

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