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@Functions in LotusScript

Sandbox sample submitted by Gregers O Sornn-Friese.

Convert @Functions to LotusScript
Audience:Application Developer
Platform:All Supported Platforms
Date Posted:06/17/2003
File Name:Functions.nsf
File Size:393,216 bytes

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Detailed Description:
As a developer you are often confronted with challenges in Lotus Script that are easily solved using @Functions. Why not converting these particular @Functions to Lotus Script?

This database provides you with some examples of how to convert @Functions into Lotus Script. This should give you the basic idea as to how you could do this.

Ever needed a @DbLookup or @DBColumn in Lotus Script? Similar routines (using e.g. the NotesDocumentCollection) in Lotusscript can solve this today. But have you ever thought of the performance of your application?

How about a @ReplaceSubstring, @ProperCase function?

Anyway, I hope the few examples provided in this database will help you some how........

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@Functions in LotusScript (Submitted by Gregers O Sornn-Friese - 17.06.2003)
rating: 5 stars Excellent (Submitted by Allyn Z Ngwenya - 04.07.2006)

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