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ACL Scanner

Sandbox sample submitted by Lotus/IBM.

Creates reports about ACLs on all databases on one server, and recurses groups.
Audience:System Administrator
Platform:Platform Independent
Date Posted:03/29/2001
File Name:ACLScan.nsf
File Size:393,216 bytes

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Detailed Description:
This goes through all databases on a specified server, and returns information about the ACLs. This tool has the feature of being able to recurse groups, so you know exactly who has what access to what databases. It can also search all databases that a specified user or group has access to.

All Sandbox downloads are licensed as-is, unsupported, and non-warranted.

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ACL Scanner (Submitted by Lotus/IBM - 29.03.2001)
rating: 5 stars Works great ... (Submitted by Luca Faccenda - 16.11.2001)
rating: 4 stars Works great but... (Submitted by Pascal Gauthier Collabora - 10.04.2001)
rating: 4 stars This one's kind of a sleeper. Check out the code. (Submitted by Julian Robichaux - 25.04.2001)
rating: 1 star test (Submitted by Tom Buche - 06.09.2007)
rating: 4 stars Nice - I liked this one a lot (Submitted by Matt Moriarty - 28.08.2001)
rating: 5 stars Thank you. really a nice tool!! (Submitted by Franz Aigner - 30.08.2001)
rating: 4 stars (Submitted by Marcel Dahl - 30.08.2001)
rating: 4 stars I doubt that all dbs are scanned with ACL Scanner (Submitted by Franck FM Meunier - 10.06.2004)
rating: 5 stars Great (Submitted by brian m hricik - 10.02.2004)

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