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Sandbox sample submitted by Scott McIntosh.

An array sort using a fast shell sort algorthim
Category:Code Example
Audience:Application Developer
Product:Lotus Domino Document Manager (Domino.Doc)
Release:4 and higher
Platform:All Supported Platforms
Date Posted:12/04/2003
File Name:sort.zip
File Size:44,158 bytes

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Detailed Description:
Uses a shell sort algorithm to quickly sort an array. The code is in the Sort Test agent. The sub is ArraySort(). The code is shown below, but the agent also has code to demonstrate the routines use, test the routine, as well as compare it to a bubble sort. The speed difference is astounding.

============= Code =========================

' ArraySort
' Sorts an array of values using a Shell Sort algorthim (ported from' a C language algorthim).
' Scott McIntosh
' ICF Consulting
' Rights are given to freely distribute or modify this code in any
' way that is useful. If you make improvements I would appreciate
' hearing about them.
' I can be contacted at smcintosh@icfconsulting.com
' Arguments:
' Boolean descending
' If passed "true" the array is sorted in decending order, otherwise
' it is sorted in ascending order.
' Should work for any data type that can be compared with the "<" and
' ">" operators, and can be modified easily to allow for the custom
' sorting of any object.
Private Sub ArraySort( array As Variant, descending As Boolean)
Dim aSpans(1 To 9) As Integer
Dim nSpanCount As Integer
Dim nSpanIncr As Integer
Dim nLimit As Integer ' The number of items to sort
Dim nSpan As Integer
Dim KeyNum As Integer
Dim SwapEm As Integer
Dim SubArray(1 To 3) As Variant
Dim Record1Keys As Variant
Dim Record2Keys As Variant
Dim doc As notesDocument
Dim i As Integer
Dim j As Integer
Dim k As Integer
Dim Temp As Variant
Dim floor As Integer

'Define the spans used by the algorthim
aSpans(1) = 9840
aSpans(2) = 3279
aSpans(3) = 1093
aSpans(4) = 364
aSpans(5) = 121
aSpans(6) = 40
aSpans(7) = 13
aSpans(8) = 4
aSpans(9) = 1

'The max spans possible
nSpanCount = 9

'Which span to start on
nSpanIncr = 1
floor = Lbound( array ) '' we use this a lot so store it

nLimit = Ubound( array ) - floor

If nLimit = 1 Then
'No need to sort a single element array
Exit Sub
End If

' Determine how many spans we'll have to make.
' this will depend on the number of elements to sort
j = floor
For k = nSpanCount To 1 Step -1
If aSpans(k) > nLimit Then
' The span exceeds the number of elements, exiting now retains the
' last span index, which will be the largest span less than the count
Exit For
End If
j = k

i = j

For i = j To nSpanCount ' nSpanCount is the max number of spans we
' could make i is the first number from
' aSpans tha was less than the total
' number of documents
nSpan = aSpans(i )

For j = nSpan To nLimit
Temp = array(j)
k = j - nSpan

Do While k >= floor

' Compare and setermine if the values need swapped
Dim doSwap As Boolean

' Determine which comparison to make based on the
' value of the argument passed in descending
If descending Then
doSwap = Temp > array(k)
doSwap = Temp < array(k)
End If

' If the comparison indicates they need swapped then
' do it
If doSwap Then
' Swap 'em
array(k + nSpan) = array(k)
k = k - nSpan
Exit Do
End If


array( k + nSpan ) = Temp

Next j
Next i

End Sub

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ArraySort (Submitted by Scott McIntosh - 26.06.2003)
comment Not authorized to get into the database... (Submitted by Charles A Davis - 08.07.2003)
comment Re: Does not work in version below R6 (Submitted by Glenn S. Orenstein - 04.12.2003)
comment Does not work in version below R6 (Submitted by Michael Smelser - 09.10.2003)
rating: 3 stars Does not work if the lower bound of the passed array is not 0 [e.g. array(1 to 100) as string] (Submitted by Peter James O Bernante - 17.06.2008)

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