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ACL "Modificator" 1.0

Sandbox sample submitted by LDD User.

Add ACL entries in multiple databases.
Audience:System Administrator
Platform:All Supported Platforms
Date Posted:06/19/2001
File Name:aclmod.nsf
File Size:393,216 bytes

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Detailed Description:
This database contains one agent, called ACL-Modificator 1.0.

The agent is extremely useful when you need to do modifications to ACLs on several databases.
I needed the agent because as a Administrator, I didn't have access to all users' mail files, and didn't
want to install the Administrator client on the mail server.

The agent is a modification/enhancement of a code I found on Notes.net, which only inserted LocalDomainServers in all databases under the \data directory on the current server/client.

What do the agent do ?
1) It prompts you for a directory in which the agent should run (if you don't type anything it runs through the whole \data directory.) If you type "mail," it still runs through all databases but only modifies the ones in the "mail"

2) Then it prompts you for What/Which Person, Server or Group you want to add to the ACL. If you don't type anything, it won't add anything.

3) Then it prompts you for what ACL UserType that should be inserted :
(0) Unspecified, (1) Person, (2) Server, (3) Mixed Group, (4)Person Group or (5) Server Group.

4) Then it prompts you for what ACL Level that should be inserted :
(0) No Access, (1) Depositor (2) Reader, (3) Author, (4) Editor, (5) Designer or (6) Manager.

5) If you set ACL Level >= Author it prompts you if you want to set "Delete Documents" access to the entry.

Then it adds the ACL modifications to the database(s) in the directory you specified.

For more specific documentation, see the Agent code itself.

Note: When you run this agent, make sure that the agent is signed by someone who has proper access to run LotusScript agents.

You can also run the agent from this database, then you must copy the database to the /data directory on the current server. Make sure to modify the ACL to fit your company.

P.S. Just remember that you use this agent at your own risk ! I don't take any responsibility for any errors or crashes or whatever might happen running this agent. It worked pretty well for me, and saved me a whole bunch of hours modifying database ACLs.

Terje Nygård
Oslo, June 2001

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ACL "Modificator" 1.0 (Submitted by Terje Nygard - 19.06.2001)
rating: 4 stars nice tool, saves a lot of time (needed a little adjustment to run on server) (Submitted by Myriam Descheemaecker - 02.05.2002)
rating: 5 stars Very useful utility (Submitted by Paul Astles - 29.11.2002)
rating: 5 stars Excellent and quick agent! Thanks very much, Terje (Submitted by Karen Cooksley - 06.12.2002)
rating: 5 stars Excellent Tool - Huge Time Saver (Submitted by Tom Combs - 14.06.2007)

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