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Sandbox sample submitted by David Wiggs.

LotusScript agent to show Internet "received" headers
Category:Code Example
Audience:System Administrator
Platform:All Supported Platforms
Date Posted:12/20/2002
File Name:agentShowInternetHeaders.txt
File Size:1,755 bytes

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Detailed Description:
Have you ever wondered how many hops it took to deliver that mail message? Or why it took so long to get here! Now you can simply select one or multiple mail items in your mail file and see all of the Internet "received" headers in one simple to read message box.

This is also a good example of how to read multiple document items that have the same name. If you have ever tried this before, you know that LotusScript will give you the same value for all occurrences of a item in a document.

If anyone would like to cleanup the message box display, feel free. I really didn't have the time to get into the formatting too much.

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agentShowInternetHeaders (Submitted by David Wiggs - 20.12.2002)
rating: 4 stars Thanks a lot! This was the missing code for extracting maildetails ;-) (Submitted by Karin Delp - 27.12.2002)
rating: 2 stars This function already exists in Notes 6 (Submitted by Tim Rand - 22.01.2003)

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