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AntiSpamFilter Agent

Sandbox sample submitted by Lotus/IBM.

Anti-spam agent and design elements to enhance spam mail filtering in the standard Notes mail template.
Audience:Application Developer
Platform:Platform Independent
Date Posted:11/02/1999
File Name:AntiSpam.nsf
File Size:751,616 bytes

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Detailed Description:
The AntiSpamFilter agent and its associated design elements enhance the standard Notes mail template with an easy way to identify and combat spam mail. For full instructions on setting up and using the AntiSpamFilter agent, see the Iris Today AntiSpamFilter agent article.

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AntiSpamFilter Agent (Submitted by Lotus/IBM - 29.10.1999)
comment Error Message (Submitted by Burke Strand - 04.05.2000)
comment I get (Submitted by raylene m panebianco - 30.05.2001)
comment Regarding the Error 91 problem (Submitted by Stephen Lister - 14.07.2001)
rating: 4 stars still evaluate (Submitted by KS Leong - 03.09.2001)
comment Stop emailing me! (Submitted by Stephen Lister - 29.12.2001)
rating: 4 stars Fix for error 91 problem (Submitted by Timothy A Bieniosek - 10.01.2002)
comment FROM THE AUTHOR: Here is an alternative (Submitted by Kent r Kurchak - 23.10.2002)
comment FROM THE AUTHOR: I don't recommend this approach! (Submitted by Kent r Kurchak - 22.10.2002)
rating: 3 stars Possible enhancement: make changes accessible through Webmail (Submitted by Jay Marme - 13.11.2002)
rating: 4 stars fhgfh (Submitted by pawel bakala - 17.03.2005)
rating: 5 stars dfg (Submitted by pawel bakala - 17.03.2005)
rating: 4 stars still evaluate (Submitted by Stephan Mundt - 07.02.2007)

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