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Advanced XML for Notes

Sandbox sample submitted by Fred Thu.

Advanced XML techniques with Domino using data binding and Notes queries
Category:Code Example
Audience:Application Developer
Release:5.0.x and later
Platform:All Supported Platforms
Date Posted:09/09/2004
File Name:advanced_xml.zip
File Size:112,621 bytes

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Detailed Description:
When it comes to obtaining and presenting Domino data on the Web, embedded views are very limited, so XML is the natural way to go. But the Domino standard technique to publish XML -- embedding XML tags in view columns -- quickly reveals its limit: You can't select data, so Domino sends you the complete view. Of course, you can manipulate this data in Internet Explorer, but your network engineers don't appreciate you send 500 lines of code to just use 25. The same limit appears if the view has more than 1,000 lines. Domino will stop at 1,000 lines.

So many developers turn to a third option: writing some "sendmydata.xml" agent, selecting data according to parameters, parsing all result lines, and printing them to the browser.

Not very effective...

I have found a new technique, allowing you to define your selection straight from the browser without a single line of programming!

Classic techniques and the new one are demonstrated in this Notes database. You also can test from our Web site at http://extranet.sysaware-alma.com/articles/advancedxml.nsf

You'll love it!


Installation notes: Open the database in Internet Explorer from your local workstation or any server.

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Advanced XML for Notes (Submitted by Fred Thu - 09.09.2004)
rating: 4 stars Excellent but can I... (Submitted by Niranjan S Deshpande - 17.02.2006)
rating: 1 star I like it (Submitted by mason China lin - 05.11.2004)

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