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A new Approach - Web-based Date Picker

Sandbox sample submitted by LDD User.

Web-based date picker that displays company sponsored holidays
Audience:Application Developer
Date Posted:04/29/2003
File Name:wdpick.nsf
File Size:393,216 bytes

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Detailed Description:
This is a new approach to a web-based date picker. As of the moment, only works in IE, I will have a NS version ready as soon as I can blow up a NS event bubble inside my head.

The difference of this date picker is that it can display company sponsored holidays. So your users will not have any reasons to set a meeting on thanksgiving. :-)

I will appreciate comments to rev this up on coming new versions.

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A new Approach - Web-based Date Picker (Submitted by LDD User - 29.04.2003)
comment Error Message (Submitted by Mike VandeVelde - 21.05.2003)
rating: 3 stars To Mike VandeVelde (Submitted by Brian T McGloin - 22.05.2003)
rating: 4 stars great work! (Submitted by Jim Cantor - 12.09.2003)

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