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Alarm/Reminder setting from another application

Sandbox sample submitted by Carl-Joseph Joseph.

Set an alarm or reminders in a user's calendar from another application
Category:Code Example
Audience:Application Developer
Date Posted:06/06/2002
File Name:createReminder.txt
File Size:1,033 bytes

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Detailed Description:
Have you ever wanted to set an alarm in a user's calendar from within your own application? Here's a little subroutine you can call to do so... (be sure to add your own error checking!)

Let me know if you extend this sub further.

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Alarm/Reminder setting from another application (Submitted by Carl-Joseph Joseph - 06.06.2002)
comment This is funny; I had the same idea some weeks ago !! (Submitted by Ulrich Krause - 08.06.2002)
comment Alarm Notification (Submitted by Vassilis Voudouris - 21.11.2003)
rating: 5 stars I have to try it first to give me openion (Submitted by Ash Aziz - 26.03.2004)
comment I have to try it first (Submitted by Jill Wilson - 23.11.2004)
rating: 5 stars A wonderful resource source (Submitted by Vatsala Upadhyay - 12.06.2006)

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