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Address Book Servlet v1.0

Sandbox sample submitted by Vedant Kulshreshtha.

Address Book servlet provides an interface similar to address book dialog box in Lotus Notes client
Category:Code Example
Audience:Application Developer
Platform:All Supported Platforms
Date Posted:12/20/2002
File Name:addressbookservlet.zip
File Size:53,570 bytes

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Detailed Description:
The "Address Book" servlet provides an interface, in web browsers, similar to the address book dialog box in the Lotus Notes client. It can be called through a simple JavaScript function.

File "servlet.zip" contains -
- names.java: servlet source code
- names.class: class file
- servletdemo.nsf: lotus notes database for viewing demo
- help.doc: code explanation and help document

This servlet displays names from "names.nsf" database only, allows selection of a single name and is not Netscape "friendly." Any volunteers?

Best viewed in IE version 5 and above.

All Sandbox downloads are licensed as-is, unsupported, and non-warranted.

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Address Book Servlet v1.0 (Submitted by Vedant Kulshreshtha - 20.12.2002)
comment Select Multiple Names from the Address Book? (Submitted by Eric A Whitley - 21.02.2006)
rating: 5 stars Great Servlet! Thanks! (Submitted by Marlo Hutch - 01.05.2003)
comment Employee names are not retrieved successfully (Submitted by Iris Chien - 01.07.2003)
comment Is Not Working for me (Submitted by Pablo H Sandrini - 26.07.2006)
comment Wrong column retrieved (Submitted by Harald Schattner - 11.07.2006)

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