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A self-guided tour of Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM)

Sandbox sample submitted by Lotus/IBM.

The attached presentation (ddm.ppt) is a self-guided tour of Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM).
Audience:System Administrator
Date Posted:08/31/2006
File Name:DDM.ZIP
File Size:1,523,181 bytes

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Detailed Description:
What is Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM)? DDM was first introduced in Lotus Domino V7.0. It is a new administrative tool to facilitate problem determination and resolution.

DDM helps reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Domino administration. It distills and correlates a huge amount of otherwise indigestible data across an entire server domain.

Its highly usable interface allows a systematic approach to resolving server issues; its configurability and flexibility accommodate diverse enterprises; and its more efficient monitoring and problem resolution leads to server stability and up-time and allows you to focus on business needs, not the mechanics of administration.

DDM should become the primary monitoring interface, but is optional! The DDM architecture facilitates future extensibility and programmability.

The attached presentation (ddm.ppt) is a self-guided tour of DDM. Please run it as a slide show to benefit from the animation.

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A self-guided tour of Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) (Submitted by Lotus/IBM - 31.08.2006)
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