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Advanced View Techniques

Sandbox sample submitted by Michael J Butcher.

Interesting ways to display views using applets & print selected documents from View Applet
Audience:Application Developer
Date Posted:06/20/2002
File Name:advancedviews.nsf
File Size:3,145,728 bytes

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Detailed Description:
This database contains some solutions to problems that I have encountered using the view applet.

This database shows you how to use the R6 View Applet (the one that has horizontal scroll bars) in an R5 database.

It also shows users how to print the selected documents from the web.
1. You build a URL string that contains the UNID of the selected documents.
2. Pass this to an Lotusscript agent that then creates one big document using the Render command & 20 Rich Text Fields -> Call printdoc.RenderToRTItem(Body)
3. I use some CSS to create the page breaks
4. Print the document and then delete the document

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Advanced View Techniques (Submitted by Michael J Butcher - 20.06.2002)
comment brilliant example, but... (Submitted by Tom M Breuker - 29.08.2002)
comment Is this working? (Submitted by Patrick Kwinten - 26.04.2006)

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