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2 Extended Attachment Edition

Sandbox sample submitted by Alexandre Denis.

Edit and handle Attachments in Notes 4 the same way as in Notes 6
Category:Code Example
Audience:Application Developer
Release:All releases
Date Posted:10/24/2002
File Name:EditAttachmentsEx.nsf
File Size:737,280 bytes

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Detailed Description:You are dreaming of the new Notes 6 editing functionality? Here is code for Notes 4.6 and R5! This code allows users to edit attachments in place and eliminates the extra steps of first saving the document to the file system and then reattaching it to the Notes document after editing. Users can edit more than one attachment at the time in more than one rich text field. It does not freeze Notes while editing. It simulates the Notes attachment popup menu and it uses the standard Notes attachment functionality.

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2 Extended Attachment Edition (Submitted by Alexandre Denis - 24.10.2002)
rating: 3 stars dfg (Submitted by Pramod B Pattar - 10.02.2006)
rating: 4 stars cvb (Submitted by Pramod B Pattar - 10.02.2006)
rating: 5 stars Thanks a lot for this code!! (Submitted by Frank Boudreau - 12.05.2004)
rating: 5 stars great stuff, but... (Submitted by Ulrich Krause - 27.10.2002)
comment -> Author's comment <- (Submitted by Alexandre Denis - 10.07.2003)
rating: 4 stars Exactly what I was looking for .... (Submitted by Arjen de Kivet - 10.06.2003)
rating: 5 stars i've searched long time for this ... (Submitted by Holger G. Ullrich - 18.06.2003)
rating: 5 stars ttest (Submitted by Tracey Toombs - 13.01.2004)
rating: 3 stars Great example (Submitted by Laura Bennett - 02.02.2005)

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