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A new approach - Web-based NAB

Sandbox sample submitted by LDD User.

A Web-based NAB with simple search function
Audience:Application Developer
Date Posted:04/29/2003
File Name:webnab.nsf
File Size:589,824 bytes

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Detailed Description:
A new approach to web-based NAB.

Please bear with the design limitations. I'm new to LotusScript and JavaScript programming. This database is part of my study to understand these things.

Comments are much welcome so I can incorporate it on future editions.

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A new approach - Web-based NAB (Submitted by LDD User - 29.04.2003)
rating: 1 star Nice design but useless approach (Submitted by Mark Teichmann - 07.05.2003)
comment Seems to be missing design elements (Submitted by Greg Bussey - 02.05.2003)
rating: 4 stars Nice (Submitted by Mudit Sharma - 23.10.2006)
rating: 1 star ├╣igration tools (Submitted by Geoffray NICOLAS - 10.12.2006)

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