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Add sound to a Notes form

Sandbox sample submitted by Lotus/IBM.

Add Sound Recorder to your e-mail template.
Audience:Application Developer
Date Posted:06/03/2002
File Name:voice.ZIP
File Size:1,644,159 bytes

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Detailed Description:
A customer wanted to dictate instead of type a message so we came up with this quick trick to meet his needs. This was done on W2K and Notes 6 Designer using Mail50.NTF for a R5 client.

It adds an action button to the new memo form of the mail50 template that calls MS Sound Recorder and saves the WAV file directly to the form (body of e-mail in this case). It could also be modifed to call a video capture utility or any app. for that matter. The action could be copied and pasted to virtually form in any DB that you may desire to capture WAV files.

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Add sound to a Notes form (Submitted by Lotus/IBM - 03.06.2002)

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