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Access Level

Sandbox sample submitted by raymond Norris.

Displays User Access Level in DB - no need to know your group membership.
Category:Code Example
Audience:End User
Platform:All Supported Platforms
Date Posted:12/20/2002
File Name:AccessLevel.txt
File Size:694 bytes

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Detailed Description:
For use in a SmartIcon - will display your access level while inside a DB & no need to know your group membership. Returns prompt with user name, DB title, server name, file name, access level number & access level text.

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Access Level (Submitted by raymond Norris - 20.12.2002)
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rating: 5 stars Very good (Submitted by srp ramesh - 01.06.2007)
rating: 5 stars Lotus Notes Designer (Submitted by Samuel Charles - 16.07.2007)

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