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ACL Audit Tool

Sandbox sample submitted by LDD User.

Tool to perform an ACL audit of databases/templates on a Domino server.
Audience:System Administrator
Platform:All Supported Platforms
Date Posted:11/13/2000
File Name:ACL Audit Tool.nsf
File Size:458,752 bytes

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Detailed Description:
The purpose of the ACL Audit Tool is to make it easier for Lotus Domino System Administrators and Security Professionals to perform an ACL audit of all databases and templates on their servers.

The tool enables you to specify conditions to highlight. Depending on the server you are auditing, for example a Notes server vs. a Domino Web server, you will want to highlight different conditions.

The output of the tool is HTML and you can view it using any Web browser. You can also import it into a Rich Text field. The output consists of a sorted index of all the databases/templates audited and a detailed section containing details for each database/template. The index is hypertext links to the detailed audit information for each database/template.

If you have suggestions on how to improve the tool, please post them here in the Sandbox.

All Sandbox downloads are licensed as-is, unsupported, and non-warranted.

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ACL Audit Tool (Submitted by Shahir A Daya - 13.11.2000)
rating: 4 stars it's very nice (Submitted by rui-manuel da graca - 11.05.2006)
rating: 4 stars Nice!! (Submitted Anonymously - 17.11.2000)
comment Any possibility of a R4.6 version? (Submitted by Chris P Bacon - 23.11.2000)
rating: 4 stars very good! It would be nice to have an option to specify list of databases to check. (Submitted by Marek Nowicki - 24.01.2001)
comment Might be nice (Submitted by Kim Udklit - 01.02.2001)
comment i am not sure coz the database doesn't open (Submitted by Avinash Kumar - 19.03.2001)
rating: 5 stars Excellent (Submitted by Andrew M Young - 31.05.2001)
rating: 4 stars Nice piece of Kit (Submitted by Rick Canfield - 24.10.2001)
comment Crashes RNext (Submitted by Bill Fox - 13.12.2001)
rating: 3 stars test (Submitted by Ralf Hardekopf - 03.01.2002)
comment Will not open, error "The specified agent does not exist". (Submitted by Brendan Kinchla - 13.05.2002)
rating: 5 stars Thanks, this rules ! (Submitted by Cris Farmer - 07.02.2003)
comment Cannot Open the Tool!! (Submitted by Ali R Nader - 20.05.2003)
comment Can not open this DB - gives error (Submitted by Ajay Mehta - 30.05.2003)
rating: 5 stars re problem opening coz specified agent doesnt exist (Submitted by Teresa Attar - 18.06.2003)
rating: 5 stars I have made modifications to this tool to allow selection of a single database to audit (Submitted by Cesar Mugnatto - 02.07.2004)
rating: 4 stars Useful but it crashes when auditing a large server (Submitted by Peter Hall - 03.03.2005)
rating: 5 stars cool (Submitted by LS Lover - 17.03.2006)
rating: 5 stars nice (Submitted by felix wong - 09.10.2006)
rating: 4 stars Good for ACL reporting (Submitted by Akshay Bhatnagar - 21.04.2007)

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