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Action Button to set Internet Password

Sandbox sample submitted by Bob Pratico.

Action Button to set Internet Password
Category:Code Example
Audience:System Administrator
Release:All Releases
Platform:All Supported Platforms
Date Posted:04/25/2001
File Name:password.zip
File Size:2,377 bytes

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Detailed Description:
Here's an action button that can be mailed to users enabling them to easily set/reset their Internet password.


Performs user identity password verification to ensure someone else is not masquerading as the user.

Automatic checking to ensure the utility is being executed in an application (mail file) on a server - to prevent using it on a local replica while disconnected from the server. If it's running "local", it will not run, and alerts the user he/she must execute it from their server mail file.

Requires an Internet password with a minimum length of 8 characters.

Verification of the chosen Internet password.

If the user does not have write-access to the Internet password field in their Person document in the NAB, it will gracefully exit and alert them the attempt to set their Internet password was unsuccessful, and to contact a Notes

Caveat: If the user elects to "cancel" when presented with the dialog box to verify his Notes password, the button will no longer work and repeatedly presents an error message. The Notes registration is corrupt, caused by canceling out of the "switchtoID" method. This is a known bug -> . Solution is to simply have the user restart Notes.

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Action Button to set Internet Password (Submitted by Bob Pratico - 30.04.2001)
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