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Agent to Compare 2 Documents in R5

Sandbox sample submitted by LDD User.

Agent to Compare 2 Documents in R5 (works with RTF fields, too).
Category:Code Example
Audience:System Administrator
Platform:All Supported Platforms
Date Posted:10/31/2000
File Name:Agent to Compare 2 docs in R5.txt
File Size:2,635 bytes

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Detailed Description:
The code is best viewed if you turn off word wrap.

When run, the code displays a simple dialog box. The amount of text in the dialog box can easily make the OK button disappear off of the screen. Just press Enter (or the space bar) to close the dialog box, even if you can't see
the OK button.

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Agent to Compare 2 Documents in R5 (Submitted by LDD User - 31.10.2000)
rating: 3 stars Good, but needed some work. (Submitted by Lee P Ward - 03.11.2000)
rating: 5 stars Пример ответа (Submitted by Anonymous - 21.11.2011)

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