User Review of LotusScript DatabaseDesign Class
Submitted by Martin Rourke on 10/22/2002.
Rating: 5 stars
Firstly, this is exactly what i was looking for and its really easy to use. Can anyone help with the problem below,
I have used this class to cycle through each element in the database and then called the sign method so i could then sign the database.

So I get a document
Sign the document
Save the document
and tada the design element is signed

Well no it isnt. I have debugged this and the design elements are returned ok and is is then signed (using issigned and signer to verify). The problem arises when trying to save the design element. Bacically it doesnt save. :o(

So i had a look on the web and found an option called 'SaveOptions'. By adding this text field to every design element and setting the value to zero the document saves. This however raises another problem, the design cant then be edited in designer no matter what access you have. The only way to now edit this is to remove the field i just added. I also think by adding this field to the design element it could have side effects if the user has used a field with this name in the design.

Has anyone any other ideas why the design elements are not saving.

Note: I have manager access to the database, The action button runs a command locally and the database I am trying to sign is on my local machine.

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