User Review of LotusScript DatabaseDesign Class
Submitted by Kent Pilkington on 04/16/2001.
Rating: 4 stars
Be careful when using it "out of the box" for production solutions. Stability appears solid, but it can take a performance hit. In particular, I noticed that creating the class took a second or so (don't have server hardware specs), and the algorithms used to find design elements is not too efficient. It appears to sift through the elements 1 at a time, first checking to see if they are the type being requested, and then if the names match. There is another API call that I was able to use (don't remember off the top of my head) to get the NoteID of a design note given it's class and name. It was VERY fast and that's what I needed at the time. However, I learned a TON by looking at this and refer to it frequently as I'm just cracking into API programming. Hat's off, and my thanks!

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